Comb-Back Side Chairs

Comb-back side chairs are rare. They retain the characteristics of a woman’s hair comb but the horizontal crest board is usually large, uncarved and exhibits upturned ears. The seat of a comb-back side chair is usually shield shaped, is deeply sculpted and reveals a high pommel, all of which contribute to the seats comfort. Many comb-back side chairs have a tailpiece that extends from the back of the seat and hold bracing spindles. This bracing mechanism contributes to the strength and stability of the upper part of the chair and compensates for the lack of an arm rail. As compared to comb-back armchairs, the side chairs are quite diminutive and when set side by side they look like a youth or child’s chair, however, they are quite full sized.

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Comb-back Side Chair
Antiqued: Dark Brown over Brown
Oak, Maple & Poplar
Height: 35 inches
Width: 20 inches
Depth: 23 inches